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Additonal Options for Attribution

The copyright licenses for my music require attribution (credit). In many cases, this can simply be a link to the song page (go the license page for details).

However, for older music, you may use the following additional options for attribution. I am maintaining this permission from a time when the licenses were less flexible regarding attribution, although I encourage you to use the standard attribution options which are convenient enough in most cases.

These additional options apply only to older music whose license includes the phrase “with additional options for attribution” and a link to this page. For newer music, you must use the standard attribution rules.

Any (other) right to attribution by name or title is waived if you use one of the following options. Please keep in mind that there may be other attribution requirements (such as a link to the license).

Acceptable Attributions



Music Website




It is best to use the acceptable attribution on the same site whenever possible. For example, a YouTube video description should use a YouTube URL and a Twitter post should use a Twitter “@” mention.

URLs can use either HTTPS or HTTP, except for URLs to which must use HTTP. It is best to use HTTPS whenever possible.